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Preparing for your Job Interview

Do your research and prepare as much as possible. You can start practicing for interviews as soon as you begin your job search – note down examples of situations in your current role that you can use to demonstrate your skills and competencies.

The Role:

  • Hopefully you will have a Job Description (we will always supply this to you if the company has one). Read though this and the advert carefully. Make notes regarding your suitability and any questions you have about what the role entails.


  • Look at the company website. Research any current industry news. Find out who their key authors are or what their main products are. Get a feel for the company size and culture.
  • Who are their competitors? Who is their target market? What are their main growth opportunities?


  • Plan your journey and make sure you know where to go, how to get there and how long it will take. Take a print out of who to ask for on arrival and who you will be meeting. Leave plenty of time for your journey and allow for delays.


  • Find out if possible what the format will be - how long will it last? Will there be tests or assessments during the interview? Is it an informal chat or a formal panel format?
  • Have answers prepared for those basic interview questions such as 'What are your keys strengths and/or weaknesses?' Practice your responses and have examples to hand of your career achievements or problems that you have overcome. Also have answers ready for the more ‘competency-based’ questions.

On-the-day basics:

  • Take a copy of your CV and cover letter with you and make sure you have re-read it recently.
  • Take examples of material you have worked on and be prepared to show and demonstrate your involvement if asked.
  • Dress code - dress smartly unless advised otherwise. You should look well-presented and professional, especially if the role is customer facing.
How to Impress at your Publishing Job Interview